GOHOTEL Channel Manager Manages sales OTAs  keeps availability and rates always in sync on all connected channels and your own website. It also processes new reservations, modifications and cancellations.
Go Hotel Channel manager maximize your online presence, enhance your occupancy rates without any risks of overbooking, and reach potential guests globally If you don’t have a system that distributes your rooms in an organised way, you run the risk of double booking your rooms – resulting in unhappy customers, lost revenue, and even more wasted time trying to rectify the situation.

This is why your all-in-one GoHotel PMS is also be your hotel’s channel manager. This means that travellers booking hotels through online travel agents (OTAs) see your availability as it is updated in real-time, because your GoHotel PMS distributes all of your available rooms across a number of booking sites.

Your all-in-one GoHotel channel manager should:

– Allow for live rate and availability updates
– Allow you to manage all your booking sites from one place
– Allow you to upload your inventory 356 days in advance
– Allow you to easily see an overview of how your channels are tracking

Because your inventory is automatically reduced across all sites when a booking is made from any site, there’s no manual work involved, and you maximise your revenue.